E4E Academy

E4E aims to educate the market...

E4E aims to educate the market. We strongly believe that there is a gap in the knowledge needed to achieve startup growth in an high-potential and emerging market like Nigeria. Our answer to that is the E4E Academy. We run bootcamps in 2 different but complementary tracks: The Business Track and the Technology Track.

Business Track

Business Model Bootcamp

Business model Design (BMD) refers to the creation or reinvention of a business. Though innovation is more often seen in the form of a new product or service offering, a business model innovation results in an entirely different type of company that competes not only on the value proposition of its offerings, but aligns its profit formula, resources and processes to enhance that value proposition, capture new market segments and alienate competitors.

Product development fails when there is not focus on the user or customer. IN this course, participants are taken through the human-centered approach of product development. Using hands-on tools, design thinking is brought to bear through a hands-on experimental approach.

Sales and Marketing Bootcamp

Sales is the lifeblood of every business. Without the sales engine functioning in full steam, innovation never sees the light of day. This course aims to provide tools, methods and techniques to understand and generate leads and close the most viable deals.

Developing a product is the first step in running a successful venture. Taking the product to market and establishing a market presence in a second vital step that often eludes many entrepreneurs. In this course, you will be learning steps, and methods of taking your products (and services to market) with clear metrices and tools to enhance the process.

Finance Bootcamp

Running a startup is is a herculean task if the proper knowledge of finance and accounting are not deployed. Startup finance is a specialized course that delivers to the participants, a deep understanding of the book keeping, valuation, forecasting, and financial prioritization techniques that will help a startup survive beyond its first few years.

Most of the successful startups have been initially funded and scaled up by the venture capitalist/private equity firms. This 1 day workshop will focus on how successful startups navigate funding, managing, and scaling their new enterprise. The course will have combination of case studies, practical workshops and theoretical lectures.

Technology Track

Specialized courses

3D Printing course     Data Science for Entrepreneurs     Machine Learning and Neural Networks

Developer Bootcamp

Java Developer Bootcamp:

Master the Foundations of Java and the Topics of the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer Exam.


Andriod 7 App Development:

Become an Android Nougat developer, learning to write apps and games in Java using Google’s Android Studio.